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Graphic Violence: Having an Old Friend for Dinner

Graphic Violence: Grandiose Department

Across the Margin: The Memory of Skin and I Envy the Dead

Corporeal: [Insert Trauma Here] and Wound-Watcher

Spillover Mag: A is for Anomaly

Corporeal: To Become Unwild and First Surgery

HAD: Thirteen

Boats Against the Current: Christine Isn’t Home Right Now

The 2022 Poetry Marathon Anthology: Meeting Myself in the Chesapeake Bay

Rogue Agent: The Kilning

Chill Subs: Therapy Without Insurance 
(First Place Winner of the Who Freaking Cares Writing Contest for Poetic Rejects)


My second full-length poetry collection: Blake

Empyrean Literary Magazine: Green Days

Delicate Friend: Alimony at 350°

Hearth & Coffin Literary Journal: Behind the Door

Hearth & Coffin Literary Journal: Motion Sickness

Acropolis Journal: Paraliturgy

Sage Cigarettes Magazine: Good Medusa

Coin-Operated Press – The Dresden Dolls FanZine Part 2: Thirty-one Whacks

Sage Cigarettes Magazine: The Bell Jar

the winnow: Summer of 2005

Honeyguide Literary Magazine: Dog Weather

Olney Magazine: Charm School for Miserable Girls

Anti-Heroin Chic: Thunderbird 93

Empyrean Literary Magazine: She’s Gone Again

Madwoman Collective: A Woman’s World

Sixpence Society Literary Journal: Little Things

Pink Plastic House – Poke: With Only a Bed Beneath Us

Olney Magazine: The Unorthodoxing

Acropolis Journal: Superstition

Evoke Lit: Hush 

Butler County Community College Literary Facets: In Arrears, The Cardinal, understudy of sea

Black Stone / White Stone: Inheritance

Poems for the Ride – An Anthology: Cost Analysis

Brave Voices Magazine:  The Blue Cow

Coin-Operated Press – Depression Walks Zine: Making a List Before a Party

Punk Noir Magazine: The Scene; Near Battery;
I read this poem to you on the way to the airport, you hated it and me


The 2021 Poetry Marathon Anthology: Sugarwood

Coin-Operated Press – The Dresden Dolls Fanzine: A Modern Truce, zombie Madonna


My first full-length poetry collection: Aurelia

The 2020 Poetry Marathon Anthology: Recipe for a Birthday

Coin-Operated Press – Quarazine: quarantine contemplation

Coin-Operated Press – We Are Here: Unbelievable

Coin-Operated Press – Hallozine: A Different Haunting


Butler County Community College Facets: Frore, Season’s Aggrievements

The 2019 Poetry Marathon Anthology: Ugly Numbers


Butler County Community College Facets: Teaclutter


Butler County Community College Facets 2017: a little excitement

The 2017 Poetry Marathon Anthology: Sleep Tempest


Butler County Community College Facets: Deciding Flower

Because of a Word Anthology: Until I Ate the Baby’s Breath, How Big of Us, Fox Moon

The 2016 Poetry Marathon Anthology: No Towert-bookstack


Butler County Community College Facets: Pre-Boiled, Eight-Legged Eviction, At Least She Sleeps


Butler County Community College Facets: Spot of Time, soiled sober

The Bridge Literary Journal: Taking Up Space

The 2014 Poetry Marathon Anthology: Add-or-exic

Eye Contact by Seton Hill University: Infected Mushrooms

Overlooked by Overkill at Allegheny College: The Anvil Diet, The Ache of Creativity


Butler County Community College Facets: Hurricane, Speaking, To Rattle the Bones