Patron Poetry Books

Poetry Books from writers within the AFP Patron Community

Aurelia by Angel RosenPurchase Here
Blake by Angel RosenPurchase Here
Breaking and Blessing by Sean Parker DennisonPurchase Here
Sex and God by Fleassy MalayPurchase Here
Virago: A Poetic Manifesto by Fleassy MalayPurchase Here
Hindsight Being 2020 by Eli KwakePurchase Here
Shadow Giving Light by Eli KwakePurchase Here
Altars and Oubliettes by Angela Yuriko SmithPurchase Here
The Phoenix and the Dragon: Poems of the Alchemical FormationPurchase Here
Longing by Giulia de Gregorio ListoPurchase Here
Unraveling by Lilly RosePurchase Here
Of Dreams and Sorrow: Confessions of a Faerie Witch by Lilly RosePurchase Here
Carbon Made: Chants to the earthbound and the sublime by Sofia LopesPurchase Here
2020 – A Year in Poetry by Becky Ellen-JohnsonPurchase Here
Capturing Kapiti: Landscapes and Mindscapes by Becky Ellen-JohnsonPurchase Here
Revel: A Triple Shot of Cafe Poems by Carla ColesPurchase Here
Evidence Room by Florence RivièresPurchase Here
Say a Long Goodbye by Zach J. PaynePurchase Here
There are Monsters in this House by James O’LearyPurchase Here

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